British Israelism, or Anglo Israelism, is the belief that those in United States and the British Commonwealth have descended from 10 lost tribes of ancient Israel, giving them a direct lineage which provides certain privileges and rights to the people and the nations. In addition, the teaching also proposes that certain prophecies, particularly in the Old Testament, apply to the people and will happen to the countries of the United States and British Commonwealth.

This notion is patently ridiculous, completely debunked and disproved. It is pure fantasy. It is also science fiction, in the sense that it is alternative world history.

DNA proves that the majority of the people in the United States and British Commonwealth did not have the same patrilineal as the Jews. The issue is not one of race, but is the fact that the Jews and the peoples of the United States and the British Commonwealth did not have the same father as an ancestor.

Those who hold that the people of the United States and the British Commonwealth are descendants of lost tribes of Israel have been proved wrong by the Science of DNA: the evidence would be proof in a modern court of law.

Since the conclusion of the Human Genome Project, human DNA has been mapped thoroughly: The functions of the genes have been identified and the associations of the mitochondrion chromosome and the Y-Chromosome have been traced. The Y-Chromosome has proved to be exceptionally stable over thousands of years: The genetics of the fathers have been passed to the sons with so little variation that familial relationships can be determined with great confidence.

Specifically, Scripture says that the tribes of Israel originally came from Abraham, as did the Arabs. DNA shows clearly that the Jews and Arabs of today have the same patrilineal ancestry, but the Western Europeans do not.

There are those who base their entire religion on British Israelism. Many of those intensely believe that British Israelism is The Key to Prophecy. They base their entire religion on prognostications based on Scriptures in the Old Testament of the Bible based on the events that were to unfold upon ancient tribes by claiming that statements pronounced on those people apply to modern nations in the 21st century. These religions used to predict these things would transpire in the 20th century, but the events predicted never happened.

The religions based on British Israelism are wrong, their prophecies have failed, their leaders are false prophets. There is no other possible outcome: The basis of their religion is false. They are wrong. They will always be wrong. There is no possible future in which they will ever be right. None of the things they tell their followers is true.

By this time, some of these religions admit that British Israelism may be wrong, but they still preach empty promises and entice people into their religion with empty eschatology: Many people are deceived and drawn to the false religions because world events seem to be happening and they fear that the religions espousing British Israelism will save them from the Great Tribulation to come.